Terms of use

Terms of Use

Canine Unity is an informational web site designed specifically for the needs of the worldwide pure breed dog community. Its main purpose is to promote pure breed dog community, well-being of dogs and breeds, health, training, competitions and other activities characteristic to this community. As such, Canine Unity is a source of pedigree information, as well as any other information and advertisements related to this community posted only in good manner. Joining and using the Canine Unity web site you agree to our term of use. You agree freely and voluntary that using this website is only at your own risk. Canine Unity, canineunity.com, is not liable for any damage or losses arising from his context.


Conditions of registration

All members of the world wide pure breed dog community who wish to use the Canine Unity web site, in order to post pedigrees, other related information or advertise, must first be registered. This requires certain information, mandatory and optional, that user provide without violating any of the existing laws, in particular copyright or trademark laws. Vulgar, racist, abusive and violent contest will be immediately removed. Children under 16 years of age must have a full release form from the parents before registering on the site.


User content and profiles

Canine Unity, canineunity.com , is a free source of online pedigrees, breeders information, advertise and any other information related to the pure breed dog community edited and posted only in a good faith. Users provide current and additional information, as well as pictures, in order to contribute to this community and thus dog breeds, their health and welfare. It is forbidden to set up any kind of offensive, vulgar, racist and abusive contest. It is strictly prohibited to enter false and unverified information, as well as harassment of users and moderators of this web site. If this case happens, canineunity.com reserves the right to permanently remove such user from the site.



Canine Unity, canineunity.com, is online pure breed dog pedigree source entered by users. As such, Canine Unity do not verify information and images entered into pedigrees by the users nor guarantees the accuracy of the information in them. Malicious amendments entered into pedigrees are strictly prohibited. The only verification of the accuracy of the information can be determined by the competent kennel club.



You acknowledge and agreed that all the site and its contents are provided ‘’as is ‘’ and ‘’as available’’ basis. All users warrant that all information provided by them are their own responsibility and they not to infringe third parties rights. All users are liable for any infringements of third parties rights provided by their information. Information that are provided by users are not work of creation, and as such are not protected by copyright, nor by trademark or any other intellectual property law. They are available for other sources and represent information of public domain. All information provided by kennel clubs are solely property of the kennel clubs. All information provided by veterinarians and clinics are solely their own property.


Limitation of Liability

Canine Unity is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or any other damages arising out of your use or inability to use the site. You notably acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for the conduct of and information supplied by other users or third parties and that the damage from the foregoing rest entirely with you.


Third parties

Canine Unity, canineunity.com, is not responsible and not liable for any information, products or service provided by other web sites that link to or from the site. We neither endorse nor are responsible for accuracy of any third party materials. You agree that we are not responsible for any loss or failure caused by your use of such materials, service and products, nor for any failure to enforce any of our rights under this agreement, at law or in equity, against any site users or any third party.


Intellectual Property

All information, images, content, web pages, product names, company names, logos and trade names are property of their owners. Canine Unity, canineunity.com, is a creative work and as such is protected by copyright and trademark law.


Swiss Law

All Term of Use shall be governed exclusively by the laws of Switzerland.