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Worldwide Purebred dog Community,

Our friends in Germany are going through a very difficult period as their government, under the influence of anti-Purebred dog organizations, has introduced new laws that negatively effect Purebred dog Breeders and their dogs as well.

We share with you petition , english version, initiated by the VDH Club and Breeders.

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''Appeal to the BMEL: Against the disproportionate implementation of the Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance - serious dog owners and breeders will be punished

The new version of the Animal Welfare Dog Ordinance (TierSchHuV) has been in force since January 1st, 2022. The VDH, as the leading umbrella organization for dog breeding and dog sport clubs in Germany, supports the principle of preventing the breeding of dogs with the characteristics specified in the TierSchHuV.

However, the ban on exhibitions provided for in Section 10, Paragraph 2 of the TierSchHuV is implemented by the enforcement authorities in some cases with exaggerated orders, which are applied to all participating pedigree dogs and crossbreeds.

These provide for the general arrangement of complex, cost-intensive examinations that are stressful for the animals. This check for diseases, for which there is no reason from a veterinary point of view in many dogs, is contrary to animal welfare.

Many veterinarians therefore refuse to carry out the examinations required by the authorities, so that the conditions are tantamount to a ban on showing healthy dogs.

Furthermore, the requirements of the law enforcement authorities do not take into account the prevalence of diseases in certain breeds. This leads to disproportionate requirements for the examination of dogs intended to be shown at events or to participate in sporting tournaments.

Every dog ​​owner is thus generally assumed to have violated the TierSchHuV, which they have to refute. For every healthy dog, a ban on the exhibitions is issued without any legal basis. This is to be seen as a presumption of fault, which is in clear contradiction to the principles of the rule of law.

The ban on the exhibitions, which is intended to prevent the breeding of dogs with so-called tormented breeding characteristics, will even encourage them. In order to reduce the breeding of affected dogs, the pet breeding sector must be more strictly regulated and controlled. Outside of the VDH and its strict breeding regulations and controls, it is mainly breeders and imports from abroad that serve the demand for these dogs. The currently occurring, exaggerated interpretation of the exhibition ban by the enforcement authorities leads to a massive restriction of controlled pedigree dog breeding and will lead to a revival of the illegal puppy trade in Germany.

The enforcement authorities need clear instructions for the implementation of the exhibition ban according to 10 paragraph 2 of the TierSchHuV. The veterinary offices currently have to draw up concepts for implementation independently and without specific specifications. The result is an inconsistent procedure, which sometimes leads to disproportionate orders that violate animal welfare.

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture urgently needs to intervene here and provide the enforcement authorities with specific guidelines for sensible and targeted implementation via a general administrative regulation or, as requested by the Federal Council, via an up-to-date expert opinion on the interpretation of the TierSchHuV.

The VDH and its member associations, which have been implementing many measures to improve the breeding of healthy pedigree dogs within the framework of breed-specific breeding programs for decades, should be involved with their experience and the available data in the development of sensible guidelines for action. The Scientific Advisory Board of the VDH and the veterinary specialist societies that scientifically monitor breeding in the VDH should also be consulted on this.

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Canine Unity invites all our members and supporters of the worldwide Purebreed dog community to give unconditional support for our friends in Germany.

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Purebred dogs are irreplaceable and our registered Breeders as well. Period.