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Dear Russian and Belorussian Purebred dog community members,


we have seen that some of you register at Canine Unity, online platform dedicated to the Worldwide Purebred dog Community, and we thank you very much for that.

Unfortunately, due to the situation in Ukraine, where innocent people and children are killed every day by the Russian army, and that includes our friends from the Ukrainian Kennel Club (KSU) too, Canine Unity currently does not allow registration of Russian and Belarusian Breeders and their Club members (Judges, Groomers, Trainers and Professional Dog Handlers). For this reason, until further notice, all your accounts will be blocked.

However, Purebred dogs previously imported from Russia and Belorussia, who are owned by current and future members of the Canine Unity, non members of Russian and Belorussian Kennel club, will not be refused.

Purebred dog community has existed for more than 100 years due to the solidarity and mutual support of ALL members, regardless of their nationality, religion or sexual orientation, both in good and bad times during this long history. Therefore, without hesitation, Canine Unity strongly stands with our community, supporting unconditionally our friends from Ukraine, who are suffering and dying, as well as their beloved dogs.

We want to believe that you, just like us, condemns the invasion of an independent state of Ukraine launched by your government. We are also hoping that you, both as Russian or Belorussian citizens and a member of the Purebred dog Community, bravely oppose the invasion on Ukraine and do everything in your power to push your government to end this tragic war IMMIDIATELY.

Banning you from our web site is the decision that we take with the heavy heart. We know many dear and honest people and their magnificent dogs from Russian and Belarusian Kennel Clubs who are currently facing difficulties because of this situation as well.

However, nothing compares to the tragedy that Ukraine Breeders and their dogs are currently experiencing.

We hope that you agree with that as well.


On behalf of all Canine Unity team,

Jelena Occhi, MSc BA

Managing Director at Canine Unity