Why registered Purebred dog Breeders are so important?

Collie Rough, Jun 1956

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Why registered Breeders are so important?


When your hear a word ''Purebred'' dog, what first comes to your mind?

Beauty? Kindness? Intelligence? Obedience? Loyalty?...

Yes, you are right. That's what Purebred dogs are all about. And much more!

Vizsla Hungarian Short Haired Pointer
Vizsla, Hungarian Short-Haired Pointer, very affectionate dog breed


Purebred dogs are bred to be your best friend- the most beautiful and kind that you have ever had.

They are your faithful guardians and your protection. Most loyal farmer's helpers that take care of livestock.

Border Collie
Border Collie, herding dog breed, highly intelligent and energetic


Hunters most valuable hunting companions. Police and Army strongest and fearless ally.

German Shepherd Purebred dog
German Shepherd,outstanding police and military service dog breed


Golden Retriever Purebred dog
Golden Retriever, most gentle and loyal assistance dog breed (Photo credit: Dorothy Kozlowski)


Purebred dogs are someones eye's when lose sight. Someone ears when lose hearing. They are best trained emotional therapist, on whose help tens of thousands of human and children's lives daily depend.

Purebred dogs are irreplaceable. Period.

Their unique appearance and characters are deeply imprinted in their history and genetics.

Whether its a cute Pomeranian or a beautiful Shih Tzu, proud Afghan Hound or hairless Xolos, big gentle Mastiff or little playful Dachshund, or any other magnificent Purebred dog breed- having them in your life is an absolute privilege.


Purebred dog Breeders and their long history

But to whom should we thank for raising this incredible breeds that we all simply can't live without?

No one else than Purebred dog Breeders.

They are the ones who passionately maintain the existence of Purebred dog Breeds and Clubs.

Origin of many of these magnificent breeds goes back as far as prehistory.

But also their selective breeding by humans.

From the moment of first dogs domestication, that goes back some 30.000-40.000 years ago, humans start to bred them, taking ONLY the best, strongest and obedient dogs for mating. Thanks to this principle ancient dogs become more obedient, less wild and unpredictable.

Thank to this ancient selective mating principle, dog become man irreplaceable hunting companion. And faithful guardian of his family.

Prehistoric hunt with dogs
Prehistoric art, man hunting with his dogs (Photo credit: Peter Boekamp)


Soon after, humans start to selectively breed them concerning their physical appearance as well. It resulted in the creation of the first ancient dog breeds.

Every Empire was characterized by its own specific dog breeds, that was kept and bred by ancient Breeders for various purposes of that time.

For example, in the Middle East, archeological findings and various genetic analyzes of dog remains, reveal that ancient Egyptian breeds was today's Basenji, Grey Hound, Ibizan Hound, Saluki and Whippet, mostly used for hunting.

Prehistoric dogs
Neo-Assyrian period, Hunter and his hunds (The British Museum, London)


Ancient Peru was characterized by the breeding of the hairless dogs, Xoloitzcuintle, today famous hypoallergenic dogs, but back then kept as ''divine creature'' and God's protector of the family.

Prehistoric dogs
Mollosian hounds, Vatican Museum, Rome (Photo credit: I.Ferris)


Breeders from Romain Empire bred ''Pugnaces Britanniae'', ancestor of English Mastiff and giant ''Molossus'' today's known as Neapolitan Mastiff. Although most of the dogs bred was for guarding and fighting purposes, ancient Romain Breeders bred ''Vetragus'' , Italian Greyhound ancestor, and little ''Canie Melitae'', ancestor of today's most beautiful Toy dog breed Maltese.


Early Modern Period

Through their long history, Breeders passionately continued to bred already existed dog breeds. But also managed to successfully develop the new ones. Although knowledge related to genetics was quite limited, compared to present time, Breeders drastically improve already existed breeds, replacing their non desirable characteristics to more desirable ones.

Breeds were easily recognizable by their physical look, intelligence and hunting and guarding capabilities.

The Renaissance period brought great popularity to Purebred dogs and their Breeders.

Guardian and hunting dogs were still very popular, but miniature breeds like Toy Spaniel, Pekingese, Bichon Frise, Shih-Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, were on the rise.

Queen Catherien the Great
Queen Catherine the Great and her beloved dog ''Zemira'', Italian Greyhound 1794


The moment that changed everything

The crucial change concerning dog breeding happens during the middle 19th century It was the moment when Breeders and sympathizers of Purebred dogs decided to organize first ever Dog show. It happened back in 1859.

Although quite different from Dog show that we known today, this first competition in 1859 brought great popularity to Breeders and Purebred dogs. It continued to be held every year.

Each year bring more enrolled dogs, and their Breeders willing to participate.

Dog show 1901
Dog show 1901


Purebred dogs population started to grow rapidly! And that inspires one more historical decision regarding dog Breeders that was about to happen soon...


Purebred dog Clubs? Whose idea it was?

Driven by Dog show successes and increased Purebred dog popularity, Breeders and Purebred dog sympathizers began to establish Purebred dog Clubs.

The first registered Purebred dog Club was Kennel Club of united Kingdom founded in 1873 by MP Sewallis E. Shirley.

In 1881 French founded Société Centrale Canine. They where followed by Italians who founded in 1882 Ente Nazionale della Cinofilia Italiana (ENCI).

American Kennel Club (AKC) was founded in 1884 and Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in 1911 , under the patronage of the Austrian, Belgian, French, Dutch and German canine societies.

Fédération Cinologique Internationale, (FCI) World Canine Organization

Clubs established new rules, standards for each breed and pedigree that owners can obtain.


Meet the real heroes of this story

In the following years, until today, Purebred dog Breeders have managed to save most endangered breeds of dogs from the extinction. They improved old breeds to meet the conditions of modern times. They developed new dog breeds with specific characteristics, physical appearance, training and working capabilities.

Purebred dog Breeders has tremendous influence on the development of dog breeds, more than any other factor since the original diversification of dogs according to their purpose.

Only thanks to them, modern Purebred dogs range from perfect guardians, to perfect police and army fearless assistant, to loyal farmers herding helpers.

English Bulldog Purebred dog
English Bulldog, 1933 / 2020 (photo copyrights: Canine Unity)


They are bred to be someone's eyes, someone's ears, hands or legs if needed.

Purebred dogs are emotional therapist, natural anti-depressants and joy makers. Beloved family member.

Your most beautiful and kind, loyal best friend.


Purebred dogs are irreplaceable. Period.

Yes, Purebred dogs are irreplaceable. As well as registered Purebred dog Breeders.

Canine Unity is here to support Purebred dog Breeders activity after all they have done, and still doing, for the welfare of all dog breeds and humanity.

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