Training lessions for your dog

German Shepherd Dog, April 1970

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Training lessions for your dog


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Working with all groups and breeds

Training services:
Agression, Behaviour problems, Obedience, Shy/Fearfull dogs rehabilitation,




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Do you have a dog that does not obeying you commands? Bark too much? Shows signs of intolerance to other dogs? Timid and shy towards human strangers?
Don't worry, I have a solution for your best friend!
My name is Albert and I am a dog trainer specialize in dog aggression, obedience and rehabilitation. I have a professional dog trainer degree as well as a federal license. My work and experience with dogs counts for more than 20 years.
So contact me now and book a place for your dog. I am happy to help you and answer all your questions at any time.
See you soon,
Albert Ramseyer, professional Dog trainer

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