Grooming by Pretty Kala

Miniature Schnauzer, April 1957

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Grooming by Pretty Kala


FCI Groups:
Group 9 - Companion and Toy Dogs,

Bichon Frise, Maltese, Havanese, Bolognese, Coton De Tulear, Little Lion Dog, Poodle Standard, Poodle Medium, Poodle Mini, Poodle Toy, Griffon Belge, Griffon Bruxellois, Petite Brabancon, Chinese Crested Dog (Hairless and Powderpuff), Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier, Chihuahua (Long-haired), Chihuahua (Smooth-haired), Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, King Charles Spaniel, Pekingese, Japanese Chin, Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon - with erect ears), Continental Toy Spaniel (Phalène - with drooping ears), Kromfohrlander, Pug, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Russian Toy (Smooth-haired), Russian Toy (Longhaired),




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Chemin du Cret


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90 CHF

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