About Us


Time to protect your glory is NOW

For almost 150 years registered Purebred dog Breeders breed most magnificent breeds of dogs.

Just like you, as Purebred dog Club members, we are very proud to be a part of this glorious legacy.

Unfortunately internet evolution let illegal puppy mills to blossomed. Low price internet puppies are falsely presented as Purebreds.

To make matters worse, anti-purebred dog organizations are taking advantage of this tragic situation, dishonestly campaigning against registered Purebred Dog Breeders and Clubs.

We can’t let this events threaten the sustainability of the registered Purebred dog Breeders. Nor the existence of the magnificent dog Breeds.

Therefore we founded in Switzerland online platform Canine Unity.

Our mission is to publicly promote registered Purebred dog Breeders and Clubs, advocate their importance, as well as the importance of all Purebred dog Breeds.

It’s most innovative, perfectly designed, online platform that Purebred dog Community always wanted and needed.

The place where you can finally meet TRUE Champions.

Enjoy the world of a REAL Purebred dog Breeders.


Use them. It’s easy. And FREE!

Canine Unity is the World’s first and only, free of charge, online platform of ALL registered Purebred dog Breeders within the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and other FCI associated Kennel Clubs (AKC, KC and CKC).

Enjoy this fantastic platform and create your professional profile.

Meet the first EVER online place designed for all FCI officially recognized Purebred dog Breeds.

Now you can finally manage all your dog’s data, regardless their Breeds, simultaneously with your professional services offered to the public.

All from one place. Super easy. Just in a few clicks!

Share with the World your dog’s new Championship titles. Advertise your puppies or your stunning studs.

Offer your Grooming, Training, Handling, or even Dog sitting.

Connect with other community members. Support their initiatives. Or, simply share yours.

Use direct chat to talk with anyone. And be reach by everyone! At any place and anytime.

And that’s just a beginning...

With Canine Unity possibilities are endless.

And ALL free of charge!



Feel the power of UNITY

Canine Unity values Purebred dog welfare, loyalty and togetherness.

Those are the values that have been set since the founding of the first Purebred dog Clubs. They define our believes and what we all stand for.

We devotedly protect the welfare of our dogs and breeds. Just like you.

We honour all loyal Breeders from the past and present time. People like you who passionately maintain the existence of the Purebred dog Breeds and Clubs.

Responsible breeding has brought the most beautiful and intelligent dogs to the World. Their impact on everyday human lives is simply irreplaceable. 

Canine Unity strongly stand for TOGETHERNESS!

Togetherness is the founding principle of all Purebred dog Clubs! And we embrace it too.

Here with us you build the World’s first ever place that brings together all registered Purebred dog Breeders.

There is no geographical distance. No language barrier. You ALL belong here.

And we belong to you all.




Embrace your brighter FUTURE

Canine Unity vision is to build World’s largest, reliable, online platform of the registered Purebred dog Breeders.

To fulfill our vision we engage all registered Breeders and Clubs members at no cost.

We want EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU to be able to join and participate at this fantastic place.

Your passion, successes and experiences are the true powers that maintain the glory of the Purebred dog Breeds and Clubs.

And we are here to reward you for that!

We have pushed the boundaries of what's possible to create the best ever online system for all your needs.

Now you can present just about everything that’s important for you in a way that quickly becomes important for everybody.

It’s an amazing opportunity!

Here you embrace an era of new ways of human connections and communications!

And although it sounds as if the future is distant, your brighter future actually begins with us RIGHT NOW!



The CU will be with you. ALWAYS!

Canine Unity actively raise public awareness against illegal puppy mills and low priced internet puppies.

Here we promote ONLY registered Purebred dog Breeders and registered Purebred dogs.

This fantastic, innovative platform helps you build the World’s FIRST EVER reliable online Purebred dog Community.

The World needs it. And you need it too!

We are here to support and help PROFESSIONAL, registered Purebred dog Breeders and Clubs publicize their activities.

Always. At no charge!

So, don't waste no time.

Join us now and register at Canine Unity.


The World can't wait to meet you.

And your magnificent registered Purebred dogs too.